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School Community Council

This council serves as a voice for the community and the meetings provide a systematic way for the parents and staff to work together to find ways to achieve shared goals and improve student learning. This council manages the use of Land Trust funds (approx. $100,000) to provide resources to maximize student achievement (see document below). All parents are welcome to attend, but only elected members can vote when making important decisions. We would welcome all parents to provide input through the representatives below:

19-20 Meeting Dates/Agendas/Minutes Dates:

Friday, September 13        @  2:00 in the Media Center        Agenda      Minutes

Friday, November 15        @ 2:00 in the Media Center          Agenda      Minutes

Friday, January 10              @ 2:00 in the Media Center         Agenda      Minutes

Friday, March 27                @ 2:00 via Zoom                           Agenda      Minutes      

(Email Principal Bollinger for Meeting ID)

Friday, April 24 (only if needed@ 2:00 in the Media Center 

****We will be taking applications for new 2019-2020 School Community Council Members beginning  Monday, August 19th, 2019 at Back to School Night from 4-6 p.m.  You can also email if you are interested in applying.  BCE SCC Candidate Forms are due August 30, 2019. If elections are needed, they will be held from September 3rd-6th.****

BCE SCC Candidate Form 19-20

There was no need for a S.C.C. Election this year (2019-20).

2019-2020 Voting Members of the Council:

**Alisa Didenhover (Parent)  (1st term, 2nd year)

*Wendy Hill (Parent)  (1st term, 2nd year)

Erika Scott (Parent)  (2nd term, 1st year)

Heather Shay (Parent)   (2nd term, 1st year)

Rachael Shober (Parent)   (3rd term, 2nd year)

Didi Weaver (Parent) (1st term, 2nd year)

Harmony Pearce (Staff Member)  (3rd term, 2nd year)

Amanda Bollinger (Principal)    801-254-0737 (Lifetimer)

Trisha Keller (Teacher)  (2nd term, 2nd year)

Layne Brown (Teacher)  (1st term, 2nd year)

**  Chair
* Co-Chair

Our council is comprised of no more than 13 voting members.  Elected members serve 2-year terms and may be re-elected. There must be at least two more parents than staff members on the council. The council voted to always hold a spot for the current PTA president. We follow the following BCE SCC Rules of Order & Procedure. Click here to view the parent's member responsibilities and the committee chair's responsibilities.

School Goals & LAND Trust Plan for 2019-20

School Goals & LAND Trust Plan for 2018-19

2018-19 Final Report School LAND Trust

School Goals & LAND Trust Plan for 2017-18

2017-18 Final Report School LAND Trust

School Grade

SAGE Results


Meeting Dates/Agendas/Minutes (18-19):

Friday, September 14        @  2:00 in the Media Center         Agenda     Minutes

Friday, November 16        @ 2:00 in the Media Center           Agenda    Minutes

Friday, January 11             @ 2:00 in the Media Center           Agenda     Minutes

(changed from February 15)

Friday, March 22 (Added) @ 2:00 in the Media Center          Agenda     Minutes

Friday, April 26    (RESCHEDULED - TO MARCH)           

Meeting Dates/Agendas/Minutes (17-18):

Friday, September 15        @  2:00 in the Media Center           Agenda       Minutes

Friday, November 17         @ 2:00 in the Media Center            Agenda       Minutes

Friday, January 5 (added)@ 2:00 in the Media Center              Agenda       Minutes

Friday, February 23           @ 2:00 in the Media Center             Agenda       Minutes

Friday, April 20                  @ 2:00 in the Media Center              Agenda       Minutes