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Battle of the Books
This is the first year our 3rd-6th grade students have participated in this reading challenge. Students have been grouped into teams of 4-5 students from their class that will participate in competitions against other teams answering questions from the books on their book list. The more books they read, the higher their chances are of winning the March Madness tournament that will be taking place during the first couple weeks of March. The winning teams will go on a field trip to Momentum Indoor Rock Climbing gym and will be able to spend a couple hours with their coaches climbing and having a blast in their new Funtopia. Thanks to Momentum for providing this free incentive to 60 of our awesome readers! X-Games rock-climbing gold medalistAaron Shamy will provide an assembly to the students on goal setting and will also be there with the students on the day of the field trip.

Our reading totals so far just with the BOB books, as of Feb 3rd:
  • 3rd = 333 books 30,199 pages
  • 4th = 542 books 54,280 pages
  • 5th = 177 books 34,020 pages
  • 6th = 284 books 56,306 pages
    Grand total = 1336 books read and 174,805 pages!!!!!!

We have recently had the Herriman High School Chamber Choir and a woodwind quintet called Prevailing Winds perform for our student body. They were both incredible performances that entertained and instructed us in the cultural arts.

Both groups commented on how impressed they were with our school. They said that of all the schools they've visited across the district and state - our students were the most polite and well-behaved! They were blown away that student leaders were introducing the performers at assemblies, calling the students to attention, and encouraging students to enter/exit the assembly in a calm & orderly fashion.  We have a tradition of excellence at Butterfield Canyon which makes having presenters comment on their positive experience at Butterfield Canyon a regular occurrence. Way to go bobcats and way to go parents - for raising such incredible children!

IMG_1857 IMG_8631 IMG_8644
photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

He shared a positive message about listening to your heart and not the imagined scariness that our head can often conjure, like the raptor. Jason Hewlett is a quality person and a great entertainer! Most of the kids commented at lunchtime that their stomachs and faces still hurt from laughing so hard!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4
photo 5 photo 3

Now students have more access to technology than ever before @ Butterfield Canyon.

14318331-standard By adding a second computer lab, we have doubled students access to computers that allow them to publish their writing, create presentations, and research curricular topics.
images Each classroom in K, 1st, and 2nd grades have at least 5 iPads available for regular use all day, every day.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grades have a class set of iPads on a cart that they use to support their instruction.

6th grade students turned their class set of laptops into the 2nd computer lab for them to use primarily in the afternoons, but made it available to all grade levels in the morning.

125 Students in 3rd-6th grades have access to these devices called "NEO 2's" that give them more opportunities to practice their keyboarding skills and publish their writing. These devices provide on-screen keyboarding lessons and allow them to print their writing wirelessly. We have 120 of these devices available for student use.
IMG_1512 We still have our regular desktop computer lab that our students have always been able to access at least once a week.
21appletv Each classroom is equipped with a document camera, a projector, a laptop, an iPad, and an Apple TV device to allow for wireless projection to the big screen from the laptop or iPad. 

In conjunction with Safety Week, we are asking that all students and parents watch and abide by the following safety tips contained in this Safety Super Hero video. Students have watched this video at school and signed a pledge (D trackers will when they come back on track), committing to be a Safety Super Hero!

Parents can also take a mental pledge by agreeing to obey all the following safety rules:

  • I pledge to drive 5 mph slower than the posted speed limit in school zones and residential areas to protect the lives of children in my community.
  • I pledge to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.
  • I pledge to stop behind crosswalks so that I don't block the pedestrian's way at intersections.
  • I pledge to watch for and yield to pedestrians when making both left and right turns.
  • I pledge to never pass a vehicle that has stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street.
  • I pledge to never pick up students in a location that puts them at risk trying to reach the vehicle.

Our wonderful PTA brought the Young Company in to perform a fun and engaging play for our students last week. The assembly was amazing and the performers went into each of our 3rd grade classrooms to provide a workshop for our students. They also stayed and ate lunch with our kids in our Bobcat Cafe. Here are some pictures from the event:

photo 1 photo 5
photo 4 photo 3
photo 2

Butterfield Canyon Elementary's Computer Lab has it's own website! This site contains the lesson plans for K-6th Grade. You and your child can access the website at home by going to:
We encourage you to help your child use Dancemat Typing (for 2nd and 3rd Grades) and KBK (4th-6th Grades) at home. They can also play other educational games available on this website.
For questions please contact our Computer Lab Assistant: