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Students who are able to demonstrate mastery of their grade level assessment three times in a row will become a member of the Math Fact Ninja Club at our monthly induction meetings. Aside from having their picture up in our library hallway, those who have mastered the math facts can have free time while the rest of the class is practicing and being assessed. They also receive one free karate lesson by Honshi Darren Cox over at the Herriman Community Center for being a club member. He provides some instruction and demonstration for the students at their club induction meeting at the school. Students will receive a Math Fact Ninja wristband to go with their club card. This club exists to encourage students to spend more time becoming fluent in their grade requirements to prepare them to solve more difficult multi-step problems. Please encourage your student to develop a regiment of study that will allow them to join the club.

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Math Fact Ninja Club Requirements:

            K:        10 addition up to 5 in 1 minute

                        10 subtraction up to 5 in 1 minute

            1st:       15 mixed addition sums to 10 in 1 minute

                        15 mixed subtraction in 1 minute

            2nd:      36 mixed addition in 1.5 minutes

                        36 mixed subtraction in 1.5 minutes

            3rd:      36 mixed multiplication up to 6’s in 3 minutes

                        36 mixed division up to 6’s in 3 minutes

            4th:      72 mixed multiplication up to 10’s in 4 minutes

                        72 mixed division up to 10’s in 4 minutes

            5th:      90 mixed multiplication up to 12’s in 3 minutes

                        90 mixed division up to 12’s in 3 minutes

            6th:      100 mixed multiplication up to 12’s in 5 minutes

                        100 mixed division up to 12’s in 5 minutes

* Students must complete this requirement three times before they’ll be invited to the math fact ninja club induction meeting to demonstrate mastery.

Our school choir knocked it out of the park with their performances on Wednesday this week. First, they sang for the student body and then, later in the evening, performed for their families. The show had high energy, was fun and, most of all, was well done.

These students and the teacher leaders came to school on their own time every Wednesday morning before school. They have practiced hard all year.

A BIG thank you to Miss Dall, Mrs. Frost, Mrs. Perkins and Mr. Woolf for sharing their talents and working so well with these students. And a BIG thank you to all of the students who came every week and worked so hard to learn the music and their parts to create a wonderful production.

Everyone at Butterfield Canyon works together to create something amazing. We are fortunate to have such amazing people.

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Butterfield Canyon Elementary students participated in the American Heart Association's "Jump Rope for Heart" event for the 2nd year in a row. The school’s student council sponsored the event.

Students  jumped  their way to raising around $7,000! (More evidence that when Butterfield Bobcats put their minds to something, things happen.) Students who were resourceful enough to raise at least $35 in donations were invited to help tape Mr. Hansen to the wall.


Way to go Bobcats!


Herriman City came to Butterfield Canyon Elementary to teach 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders that trees are very important to our planet. We learned that trees can cool a city down in the summer by 10 degrees. And in one year, an acre of trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people. We also learned that Herriman City has a lot of trees! Besides all the good things trees do they make our city beautiful. During the assembly, our 2nd grade performed a song they've been learning.

After the program some students became tree ambassadors. They were able to go outside while 2 gentlemen from the city taught them the proper way to plant a tree. We will now get to see the tree grow big and strong. In a few years it will be providing some wonderful shade for us to enjoy.

Thank you Herriman City for our new tree!



Tattling or Telling????

Sometimes kids say that they don’t want to tell an adult about bullying because they don’t want to be called a tattle-tale. There’s a big difference between “telling” and “tattling.”

Tattling is what a person does to try to get someone else in trouble.

Telling is what a person does when you or someone else needs help or protection. Telling is helping someone (or yourself) from getting hurt. 

It's always the right thing to do to tell an adult when you see bullying.
It's not only right, it's SMART!

Bobcat 01



Remember: Buddy the Bobcat says:

"Be a BUDDY, not a Bully!"

Buddy the Bobcat is the latest addition to the Butterfield Canyon Elementary family. The PTA gifted the mascot to BCE this year.

Buddy makes appearances when special activities are taking place. He brings with him some big energy. He loves to show up (sometimes when it’s least expected) to help the students celebrate. Buddy was here last Friday to welcome next year's new Bobcats during Kindergarten Orientation.

Bobcat03 Bobcat04
Bobcat08 Bobcat 01
Bobcat06 bobcat02


We LOVE Buddy the Bobcat!


Thanks PTA for Buddy and for all you do for the students of
Butterfield Canyon Elementary.

We  Heart PTA!!!

How do you spell…..

W-A-Y   T-O   G-O????

Congratulations to the finalists in the Butterfield Canyon Elementary 2014-2015 Spelling Bee! Nine students in grades 4, 5 & 6 were successful in the spelling competitions in their grade levels and participated in the school level bee. With the eyes of the student body, teachers and parents on them, they seemed to have nerves of steel to spell words given to them under pressure. So…..

W-A-Y   T-O   G-O!!!

to everyone who competed. Butterfield Canyon Elementary has awesome Bobcats.

This One


4th                                                       5th                                                            6th

Will (not pictured)                                        Keatyn                                           Connor  (2nd Place)
Andrew (not pictured)                                 Charlie                                           Kendra  (3rd Place)
Mckenzie                                                    Jocelyn                                           Brandon (1st Place)